Be proactive. Guard your assets first.


It’s important to protect from financial threats early within the life of a business. Insurance and legal protections are basic building blocks of your business and are most effectively placed when things are running smoothly. Waiting for a catastrophic event to impact your business is not the ideal time to take action.

A business owner knows how to make money, but not everyone has examined threats that can potentially damage that revenue. Without the proper protective measures, wealth can disappear in a split-second. Darby J. Minnick & Associates offers introduces a protection first philosophy in many aspects of your business.

What protection does your unique business require? We help you identify
threats and lay out the best way to reinforce your specific financial position.

Common ways we help protect our clients:

Insurance Coverage
In many cases, insurance can cost effectively protect our client’s hard-earned money in the instance of death, debilitating illness or injury, lawsuits, malpractice, and other sudden events.

Agreements for Businesses with Multiple Partners
While we don’t give legal advice, we can lend our perspective to coach our clients through crafting agreements that ensure all partners are on the same page when it comes to catastrophic events or future disagreement within the company.

Threats to Single Owner Businesses
If an individual proprietor becomes disabled, passes away, or is impacted by other events, the enterprise can lose value. We outline strategies to protect the value of the business.

The Financial Balance Scorecard
We offer tools to measure financial balance in an individual’s personal and business finances. Whatever happens in their personal finances — for better or worse — may impact the business finances. We help ensure each side is buffered from the other.

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