Plan for tomorrow. Focus on today.


We don’t dictate strategies. We co-create a long-term plan with our clients through our Business Legacy Cultivator process. We use state-of-the-art tools to illustrate your assets, liabilities, insurance protections, and cash flow strategies. This highly-customized guide will provide an easy-to-understand financial foundation to serve you in the coming years.

With a clearly charted map as a reference point, you will see exactly where you are and the road to take to you where you want to be. From here, we’ll coach you on how to cultivate what you have in place and build a rewarding legacy.

Breaking it down to the basics…

Business Evaluation & Cash Flow Analysis

What ’s your business really worth? How profitable is it? How does that align with personal financial objectives? We’ll conduct a thorough business evaluation and cash flow analysis to create a realistic picture of what is really happening with your enterprise and where it is heading.

Business Succession Planning

What do you want to do with your business—keep it within your family? Sell it at profit to retire? Offer employees the option to buy in? Business succession planning is critical to ensure your family and employees are looked after once you retire or sell your business.

At Darby J. Minnick & Associates, we’ve experienced our own succession planning for our business and are ready to help you do the same.

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